CR-PLAY is a project funded by the Seventh Research Framework Programme (7FP) of the European Commission, for the betterment of game development.

In CR-PLAY we propose a new set of Image – and Video-Based technologies, which will provide ways to reduce the time and expense involved in creating Videogame assets, but also make high quality realistic content accessible even to small game developers.

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CR-PLAY is a project that brings together academic world and industrial sector , for performing a deeply interconnected work towards a common goal with important impact on videogame industry.

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CR-PLAY adopts a User-Centred Design (UCD) methodology throughout the entire research, design and development process. This means that multiple design iterations and a significant amount of evaluation will be incorporated into the project’s lifecycle.

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Read and download public deliverables concerning several aspects of the project.

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Check publications released by CR-PLAY in international scientific journals and conferences.

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Feedback is the key to improvement
CR-PLAY team cooperates with game developers to measure efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction of methods and tools developed.

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CR-PLAY is a project cofunded by 7FP and the European commission for the betterment of game development within Europe.