Here are the public deliverables that will be submitted during CR-PLAY project. Each one will be available for download as soon as it has been accepted by the European Commission.

# Deliverable Title Delivery Date Report
D2.1 Report/publication(s) on Initial New Algorithms on Rendering and Relighting April 2015 download
D2.2 Report/publication(s) on Algorithms for Surface Synthesis and Visual Artifact reduction October 2015 download
D2.3 D2.3-Report/publication(s) on Comprehensive solution for image-based Rendering and Relighting including Indoor scenes October 2016 download
D3.1 Report/publication on finding stochastic dynamic elements and detecting across-view motion consistency in video data October 2015 download
D3.2 Report/ publication on rendering motion-consistent dynamic elements October 2016 download
D3.3 Report/ publication on creating view-dependent video-sprites October 2016 download
D4.1 End-user Requirements Analysis Report February 2014 download
D4.2 Functional specifications, system definition, development approach and architecture May 2014 download
D4.3 Low-fidelity Prototypes of mixed pipeline for video game development October 2014 download
D4.4 High-fidelity Prototypes of mixed pipeline for video game development August 2015 download
D4.5 Final implementation of mixed pipeline for videogame development and report on technical validation July 2016 download
D5.1 Evaluation Plan April 2014 download
D5.2 Formative evaluation of high fidelity prototypes and design guidelines December 2015 download
D5.3 Summative Evaluation October 2016 download
D6.1 Project website January 2014 download
D6.2 Dissemination and use plan June 2014 download
D6.3 Dissemination report and Exploitation plan October 2016

CR-PLAY is a project cofunded by 7FP and the European commission for the betterment of game development within Europe.